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Our Founder:

JoLanda Rogers

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit T.A.L.K. Consulting. I hope you will consider starting a conversation with us! What can I say? It has been a long journey getting to this point, and I am still on a journey of inner healing and growth! Actually, we all are. I believe that we do not “arrive” until our journey is complete when we cross over into eternity. It is my heart to continue on a healing journey and never stop

So here is something funny (sorta) growing up, I was the youngest girl in my generation of cousins for almost a decade before another cousin came along, which of course caused some challenges for me (some I’m still working through). However, my older cousins would tease me all the time with the Run-D.M.C. song, “You TALK too Much.” While I was the classic “tattle-tale” – the truth is, however, I didn’t “T.A.L.K.” enough. Starting as a little girl, I learned the art of keeping bad secrets and not sharing my truth. WHEW… I’m Glad that season is over!

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I am now a wife of 16 years and a mother of four children, three girls, and a boy. One of my daughters is EXACTLY like me, and she TALKs all the time!! The really cool thing is my husband and I are teaching her when talking is absolutely necessary and when it’s okay to maybe… Not talk so much. Let’s say she’s still a work in progress! She is one of the most precious parts of life to me, and at eight years old, she reminds me to keep – We also have a fifteen-year-old you who manages our Teen T.A.L.K., and our youngest two children are what I call my “twins” as they are 13 months apart, and keep us on our toes!!!
When I’m not too busy on the journey, I love to spend time with my children telling the corniest “knock-knock” jokes you can imagine! They get me every time. “Knock. Knock. – Who’s There? – Cow says. – The cow says, who? Nooooo…. Cow say’s Mooooo.” (I did forewarn you they were corny.) A laugh every now and then makes so much easier.

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I also enjoy reading and learning (hence the three Master level degrees and coming Doctoral pursuit.) Let me share with you; it is life-changing to process deep wounds with a caring and non-judgmental listener. I found healing in the Father’s presence and began to learn my identity and know my strength. I discovered I am not my pain. I am greater than my mistakes, and I have a story that’s worth sharing. I’m sure you do too…Let’s T.A.L.K.

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Ready to T.A.L.K?

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