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Our Story

T.A.L.K. Consulting is an enterprise with three lanes of services; Publishing, Soul Healing, and Advocacy & Awareness. The heart of our work comes from our mission to encourage people to share their respective journeys through messages of healing, hope, and survival. 

We acknowledge there are astounding statistics that reflect the challenges of survivors reclaiming their lives after experiencing various forms of abuse, trauma, and gender-based violence. Both women and men, young and old, are often unable to live beyond their trauma and thrive as a healthy and whole person. T.A.L.K intends to position them to do so through psychotherapy, experiential engagement, and soul healing.  

We believe we are not alone in doing the work! Our Publishing brand works specifically with authors who are looking to empower the world with their journey and their literary gift. Our ideal authors are counselors, pastors, clinicians, life coaches, mentors, and thought leaders. We also deeply value our commitment to publishing the journeys of those who are brave enough to share where they once were, and where they are now. 

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