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JoLanda Rogers


Publisher. Soul Healing Counselor. Speaker. Advocate.

I’ll tell you WHY you should learn more about me FIRST, and then I’ll let you decide to get to know me on a more intimate level. You won’t be disappointed. 

For the last 15 years, I’ve been training in various inner-healing modalities and using skills attained to meaningfully walk others through a healing journey that releases emotional freedom. I know what it’s like to experience trauma… complex trauma… that can take years to resolve. I also know the joy of healing, the freedom of forgiving, and the purpose inside of me to help others do the same. Whether you need soul healing, or you help others heal, you need to contact us to learn more about our Soul Healing and Counseling Services. 

As an author and publisher, I’ve perfected a system to take the content that is often in one’s heart, translate it into words, onto paper, and into print. For my premier clients, we do this in 90 days! Yes, even when they tell me they’re not a good writer. 

Want to know more? Click HERE... it’s long, but I promise you because I’m naturally an amazing writer – it is worth the read. You belong in the T.A.L.K. family. I hope you’ll join the conversation in one of our lanes of services or as a partner sharing our gift with the world!

Meet The Team


Talva Rogers

Men T.A.L.K. Too /Strategic Director

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TaLanda Rogers

Teen T.A.L.K. Manager

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Ajaa, Kaylee, & T.J. Rogers

Kids T.A.L.K. Managers


Maiya Crow

Administrative Assistant


Stephanie Love 

Business Manager


Kayla Hall



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Dana Guthrie

Publishing Manager


Liz Luckett

Author Coach & Liaison

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 Erica Steib

Advocacy & Awareness Manager

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Dr. Ramona Woods

T.A.L.K. Faith Network


 Dr. Mark Ongley

T.A.L.K. Faith Network

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