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From “thought formation” to “print and publication”

We are publishing purpose the world is waiting to read! T.A.L.K. Publishing partners with writers from “thought formation” to “print and publication.” Our authors generate income, garner speaking engagements, and share a message of healing, hope, and survival.   

For aspiring and experienced authors, we are a premier full-service publishing company that provides a 90-day guarantee*. Unlike other publishing companies, we don’t just offer resources; we build relationships with our authors. We offer a comprehensive strategy assessment that identifies your perfect reader;  increasing your impact, influence, and income.

Yes, there are tons of books that have been written – but until you’ve written YOUR book, the world is still waiting. 

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In 90 days...

In our T.A.L.K. Publishing Program, we inspire you to write the book that’s already written inside you. By working directly with us, clients receive access to our customized publishing programs. The ingredients of our secret sauce take you from thought formation to print and publication in 90-days. The average client sees the following results:

Growth in their platform by 500+ followers/friends after book release

Multiple streams of income using their book as a resource

A tangible product
to leverage
their brand

An increase in
speaking engagements
and requests

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