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Providing a place of freedom and renewal.

​We provide soul healing experiences and training for women and men of faith so that they ignite their purpose, live emotionally free, and empower others to do the same.  

For those looking to live a life where their pain is transformed into purpose, we are a faith-based healing resource that provides community groups and one on one experiential healing sessions.  Unlike traditional counseling, we depend entirely on the Holy Spirit for providing the deep healing needed in core wounds. 


We also offer traditional counseling under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor. 


You were created to be

loved lavishly.

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T.A.L.K. Training & Faith Network Services


Soul Healing & counseling services for adults. 

Soul Healing T.A.L.K.

Counseling that supports processing deep emotional wounds, trauma, and unresolved issues. Through soul healing counseling, clients can reclaim and strengthen their spiritual, mental and physical health.

Marriage T.A.L.K.

If the walls in your home could talk, what story would they tell? Marriage T.A.L.K. provides marital counseling for couples looking for restoration, reconciliation, and rejuvenation in their marriage!

Psychotherapy Services

Under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor, T.A.L.K. provides psychotherapy services to address depression, anxiety, anger management, substance abuse issues, grief, and trauma.

T.A.L.K. Training

For faith leaders, clinicians, counselors, life coaches, and mentors -  T.A.L.K. Soul Healing provides training services that create a safe place for those who empower others to do soul healing work, to do their work first. We allow those who are always pouring out, a chance to fill up. 

T.A.L.K. Network

T.A.L.K. offers an affiliate Faith Network where you can use T.A.L.K. training and materials within your program or services. We are also looking for those with a like passion to join our team of soul healing counselors. Contact us to learn more.

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